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Tai Chi ClassWhat are Tai Chi and Qi Gong?

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are related ancient arts that can be used to develop one's Qi or Energy for improved health and increased longevity. Tai Chi is famous for its beautiful, slow circular movements, and did you know that these movements are generated from within? Tai Chi and Qi Gong develop mind/body awareness. They are moving meditations that increase strength from the inside out. Practitioners move with greater ease and efficiency, both mentally and physically. Tai Chi and Qi Gong reduce blood pressure, improve immune function, improve oxygen utilization, increase bone density, increase knee and ankle strength and flexibility, and reduce levels of stress. You can use the methods of Tai Chi and Qi Gong in your daily life to maintain your general health.

Class Descriptions

Tai Chi Level I - Traditionally, Tai Chi exercise is used for both maintaining good health and healing specific ailments. Tai Chi provides a safe, gradual way of improving flexibility and range of motion to help arthritis. Come and learn simple movements that build and focus on healing energy to: • Improve circulation • Balance organs and systems • Strengthen bones • Promote flexibility • Relax • Reduce stress. Space is limited, so register early. By Jude Hasken

Tai Chi - Level II - This Level II class is for more advanced Tai Chi participants who have already learned basic Tai Chi skills. It includes more advanced Tai Chi forms, breathing techniques, and applications of Tai Chi principles to manage stress. You are considered advanced if you have practiced Tai Chi Level I for 6 -12 months. Space is limited, so register early. By Jude HaskenTai Chi Class

Tai Chi – Yang Style 24 Forms - This class focuses on the Yang Style 24 Forms. In 1956 the Chinese government brought together a panel of Master Tai Chi teachers to synthesize many Tai Chi forms and agree on a version of classic moves that anyone can learn for great benefit. This "Simplified" 24 Forms is taught worldwide and here at Decatur Healing Arts. 8-week Sessions. By Jude Hasken

Tai Chi - Yang Style 108 Forms - This is the original Yang Family Style Long Form Tai Chi Chuan, comprised of 108 movements divided into three sections. Once learned, the Form takes around 20 minutes to perform in its entirety, giving the practitioner a good workout in a single Form. 24 Forms is a prerequisite for this class and will also be worked on extensively to solidify and smooth out. Additionally, Tai Chi history and theories will be discussed. By Jude Hasken

Wu Dang Tai Chi Fundamentals - Beautiful Tai Chi is the synthesis of hard and soft, strength and flexibility, water overcoming stone. To achieve fluency the practitioner needs to build strength, increase flexibility, and internalize their awareness of the flow of the movements. In the fundamentals class we focus on rooting and strengthening the foundation with stretching, Tai Chi walking, and kicking. By Corinne Chaves.

Wu Dang Tai Chi 52 Forms - The internal martial art of Tai Chi originated in Wu Dang in the 15th century. The original Sanfeng Tai Chi 13 form and Sanfeng Tai Chi Sword form were preserved and handed down over the centuries through the lineage holders at the temple. Until recently the forms were only taught to those who came to the temple. In the early 21st century, Wu Dang Tai Chi 28, 52, and Square Foot forms were created to introduce the general public to Wu Dang Tai Chi. Incorporating the complexity and internal power of the original forms, these new forms provide an introduction to the beauty and strength of Wu Dang Tai Chi. By Corinne Chaves. Prerequisites: It is recommended that the student take a minimum of a 4 week Wu Dang Tai Chi fundamentals course when beginning the form even if they have learned other Tai Chi forms previously.

Qi Gong for Health - Rebuild your physical, mental and emotional health with the ancient art of Qi Gong. Qi Gong has been used for self-healing, rejuvenation and internal transformation for millenia and is slowly being recognized in the west for its beneficial properties. At a minimum you can reduce stress, improve your immune function, regulate your metabolic system, improve balance, digestion, blood pressure and much, much more with this practice. Open to all levels of practitioners. By Corinne Chaves.

Sun Style Tai Chi for Arthritis - Tai Chi from the Arthritis Foundation uses the gentle flowing movements of Sun-style Tai Chi to promote mental and physical strength, stamina and flexibility. This gentle form of exercise is appropriate for those diagnosed with arthritis or other chronic diseases causing joint pain, stiffness or limited range of motion. It is suitable for anyone with balance issues, back problems or challenges that have prevented them from taking Tai Chi before. Studies have shown that many who participate in three months of Tai Chi from the Arthritis Foundation enjoy reduced pain, improved balance and function, better sleep, increased energy, and an improved outlook. Drop-ins welcome. You may use your class card for this class. Taught by Eleanor Hand.

Inner Balance through Tai Ji (Chi) - The Inner Balance class is the Living Tao form of Chungliang Huang, a fluid form evolving from Yang tradition. The class includes a series of warm-ups and various Qi Gong forms. The movements focus on the Five Elements or Five Moving Forces - fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. Chinese brush calligraphy and poetry are often used to allow the student to further explore movement and metaphor. This class is suitable for people who are comfortable being on their feet for 60 minutes. By Meg Randolph.

Tai Ji (Chi), Qi Gong, and Meditation - This class will combine a short, simple Tai Ji (Chi) form, various Qi Gong forms, which can be done seated or standing, and brief meditations focused on breath and stillness. The emphasis is on finding inner stillness, focus, and relaxation. It is appropriate for people of all abilities. By Meg Randolph.


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