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Furman Riley

Furman RileyTai Chi Chih and Qi Gong Teacher

Furman is not teaching due to the Covid-19 Pandemic until further notice.

Furman has been (and continues to be) a student and practitioner of Energy Arts Qi Gong since 1996 and a certified teacher since 2012. He has also been a practitioner of Tai Chi Chih since 1990 and a certified teacher since 2009. Furman credits his many incidents of healing, management of arthritis and a very active life style at age 86 largely to daily practice, along with an ever deepening experience and knowledge of Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chih.

Furman teaches various portions of the system of Qi Gong developed by Lineage Master Bruce K. Frantzis. The heart of this tradition is the cultivation of qi, the internal energy that connects the mind, body and spirit to the underlying consciousness of the universe (Tao). He teaches Tai Chi Chih which was developed by Justin Stone as an alternative to the martial art, Tai Chi Chuan. One of the main objectives of all Tai Chi is to stimulate, circulate and balance one’s Chi. Tai Chi Chih excels at this objective

Furman incorporates both Tai Chi Chih and Qi Gong in his daily personal practice. He has many years teaching experience beyond energy arts, having worked as a public school band director and as a counselor for at-risk adolescents. He is student centered and gifted in finding avenues to make his teaching relevant and accessible to all ages and walks of life.