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Jude Hasken

Jude HaskenYang Style Tai Chi Teacher

Jude began his study of Tai Chi with Master Marshall Ho in 1976. He studied Yang style Tai Chi 108 Forms and was introduced to Qi Gong. In 1995, Jude moved to the Atlanta area and since then has had the great good fortune to study with Grandmaster Tingsen Xu and Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Master Chen.) With Dr. Xu, Jude has studied both the Tai Chi 24 Forms and the Tai Chi 108 Forms. Jude is continuing his study of Qi Gong with Master Chen. He is certified to teach Tai Chi 24 Forms and is a member of the North American Wudang Taoist Association.

Jude assisted Dr. Xu with the study of the benefits of Tai Chi for Parkinson's Patients conducted at Emory University. He also assisted Dr. Xu in introducing the Tai Chi 10 Forms to Emory University students. He is a member of Dr. Xu's Tai Chi Health and Research Association. Under Master Chen's guidance Jude has developed an increased awareness of the nature of Qi and its importance to Health and Longevity.

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"Years ago, when my then elderly mother was falling often, I tried to find her and my stepdad a Tai Chi class in Jacksonville, Florida, and came up with nothing that would work for them. Since that time, I've wanted to experience the often researched and reported benefits of Tai Chi for myself. When I retired, my friend and I looked around for a convenient class for us to take.

Now, one year later, I am so thankful to have stumbled across Jude Haskin's class at Decatur Healing Arts. The relaxation starts upon entry into the space with the soft sound of water in the fountain and quiet music in the background. Jude and his patient, precise teaching style is wonderful! He tirelessly repeats his instruction without ever making the students feel uncomfortable. Thank you Jude. Thank you Decatur Healing Arts. Thank you Kaiser Permanente." ~Linda Hilsenrad