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Marlene Webb

Marlene Webb

Holistic Skin Care

Marlene Webb has passionately dedicated herself to health and wellness for over twenty years. Since she received her esthetician certification from the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, she has been helping women and men of all ages achieve their skin care goals. She offers a wide array of 100% organically-based facials that leave the skin feeling nourished and refreshed.

Marlene has seen first-hand the dramatic transformation of many of her clients and the positive effect this has had on their lives. As a holistic esthetician, she identifies sources of stress that cause premature aging, while giving practical but vitally important tips for maintaining a radiant complexion. She believes that you can have the best skin of your life—at any age—for a naturally youthful appearance. Marlene's knowledge and unique perspective on this often neglected aspect of holistic health care is awe-inspiring.

For the last three decades, Marlene has dedicated herself to health and wellness. With this focus, she is committed to a holistic approach of attaining health by integrating body, mind, emotions and spirituality. Marlene currently provides an educational service through which she advocates quality control standards to assure the absence of synthetic chemicals in whole foods and body care products. In the course of her research, she has realized an important goal: to have one’s skin reflect one’s inner glow. As a Holistic Skin & Body Therapist, Marlene finds that the key to skin care wellness is to exclusively use pure and natural ingredients that reflect an authentic way to a radiant complexion. As such, she is passionate about providing integrated, health building services for specific therapeutic results as well as for aesthetic improvement.

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