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Our “Lead Volunteer”

Susan receiving medal



Susan Johnson came to DHA as a client in 2006 after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The support and healing she found to complement and get her through her chemotherapy, confirmed the mind-body connection she’d always believed in. She embraced Qi Gong and Tai Chi as an ongoing part of her healing practice and relies on them to this day.

Her goal in buying Decatur Healing Arts in 2008 was to keep it open for other people like herself who wanted options in their healing modalities and to open the business up to even more new possibilities. Day to day, having conversations with the people who come into DHA is a highlight of her role as “lead volunteer.”

(from Susan) “I didn’t even think of it in terms of a business...Decatur Healing Arts had become my oasis for health, peace, and well-being...My motive was my love for what DHA did for me, what it represented as a community offering and that’s what I wanted to save, that was the reason I stepped forward to own it."

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"Had just a grand time at the open house on Saturday. I haven't ever been to an event like that at DHA - what a success! People in my class Monday were talking about it. Congratulations...I know that all of us felt enormous gratitude to you for the years of devoted energy you have poured into DHA to create a place of such welcome, care and healing - it is truly a sanctuary - one now fully imprinted by the sweetness of your soul and imbued with your warrior spirit. When we love DHA we love you. Thank you for tending it, and all of us that love it, with such tenderness, skill and fierce commitment. With great fondness and appreciation" ~Amy