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UPDATE for COVID-19: Following safety protocols, in-person appointments are now available. Visit our Before You Visit Page for full details. Classes will be still held online through the Zoom app or outdoors. Visit our Class Schedule to sign up.

About Us - Our Story

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Our Purpose

We Honor Your Spirit

We seek to honor YOU, the health seeker, your spirit, rights, and choices. We listen to your feedback, suggestions, and the ideas you bring us and integrate it all into our planning. We hope your spirit feels at home when you walk through our door.

We Support Your Goals

We can help you select the alternative healing and health-building practices that support YOUR goals for a whole, healthy and happy life. There’s no one-size-fits-all as we seek health and healing for ourselves. If you have goals, but aren’t sure what will get you there, ask us for information and suggestions.

We seek to Awaken the “Healer Within”

As you take classes from our teachers and receive treatments from our practitioners, you are co-creating your own wellness. We offer encouragement in sustaining your health through personal practice and lifestyle adjustments. You are the only one who can make choices for you that count.

We Support the Community

We offer and host a variety of health-improvement activities that are unique, soul-food for the whole person. This also creates opportunities for those in the community who have something they want to offer. Energy is fluid and we seek to follow the energy of our community.

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Our History

Decatur Healing Arts, founded in 2004, was the dream child of Corinne Chaves and Jude Hasken. They longed to have a space in which to teach and share as they continued to pursue their passions in the study, practice, and life-enhancing benefits of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga. In 2008 their vision changed and they wanted make major changes in their lives, which called for either finding a new owner for DHA or closing the doors.

When their initial attempts to find a buyer fell through, they approached Susan Johnson, an active participant in DHA classes since 2006. Susan did buy the business, much to the relief and delight of all concerned. While keeping the roots of the original vision, Decatur Healing Arts has shifted and grown, adding in the “something more” that makes it the distinctive wellness center it is today.

In late April 2021 Decatur Healing Arts passed into the hands of Nataly Baiz and her husband Adam Garcia-McCarthy. They are committed to the original vision of the previous owners while adding their own brand of healing and wellness to take DHA into the future.

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Our Vision

In the beginning … our call to the community went out like an inaudible sound, picked up by people who could hear it. Trained practitioners and teachers looking for a place to offer their particular healing modality or classes, started arriving. And so did the people who wanted those same things. Very symbiotic.

We build relationships and that attracts students, clients, teachers, practitioners and our wonderful volunteers. We’re small and intimate because we like it that way. The people who are involved in Decatur Healing Arts feel like it’s their place, too (because it truly is).

The inclusive vision for Decatur Healing Art creates a focus on bringing people together who can benefit each other in an open environment. Operating on a basis of trust and fair trade on all sides, we’re driven by the needs and wants of the community. It’s very fluid … and fun!

That’s who we are. That’s our vision.

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"One of the resident practitioners (Stan Holt, thanks Stan!) at DHA gave me a demonstration of what he does one day after a Gentle Yoga class (Hi,Terri and all the gang!). That impromptu session opened up some "doors" within me to the past and over the next few weeks I peered into them and realized what was awry in my life. I had been suppressing an urge for creative expression through visual and narrative form (film).

Now, I am surrounded and motivated by a variety of influences and opportunities to fulfill what I wish to achieve. I don't see this as having happened in Atlanta...Hopefully, I will be able to do tai chi, yoga and ...resume what I had already learned at DHA.

I miss everyone at DHA and the classes and all and I hope everyone is doing well. A big Hi!, to everyone at DHA. When I'm in Atlanta again I will come in for a class. Thanks, Corrine, Susan, Terri, Linda, Janine, Stan and everyone in the Tai Chi (level 1 & 2) classes and Gentle Yoga classes! Take care! Blessings!" ~Laron

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