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yoga class

Yoga is a system of integrated practices which are designed to help ward off or slow the aging processes of the body, mind and spirit and to keep the physical and mental faculties strong. Yoga has five major components: Proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation. The purpose of yoga is to develop each of these five components to have a healthy body and mind.

Class Descriptions:

All Levels Yoga - In this evening class we will focus on de-stressing body and mind from the challenges of the day. Each class will begin with gentle warm-ups to release tension and prepare body for Vinyasa and deeper stretches. Then we will move into a strengthening flow of standing poses. Having burned off some energy, we will cool down with deep stretches. Finally we will finish with pranayama and savasana. This class will benefit absolute beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners alike. Drop-ins welcome. You may use your class card for this class. Taught by Faidra Papavasiliou.

Candlelight Yoga - This class combines Restorative Yoga with Meditation. This class is a restorative mindfulness practice designed to help you develop a deep and calming sense of presence. As you shift your awareness to the present moment, let your body soften, and allow yourself to approach your thoughts with acceptance, curiosity and kindness. Taught by Jotholyn Mason.

Gentle Flow Yoga - This is a slower, more gentle class using breath work, asanas, and meditation to strengthen and align the body; relax and de-stress the mind. Sequences are led in a meditative manner, interspersing movement with holding postures to generate strength and heat which encourage the body to release deep-seated tension. For all levels. Taught by Linny Curry.

Gentle Somatic Yoga - SATYA, Sensory Awareness, is somatic movement with mindfulness yoga combining breath with small, fluid movements to deepen the respiratory rhythm and open new pathways of perception & feeling. The exercises are non-weight bearing with slow sliding, gliding and circular movements to reduce myofascial holding in the body. Taught by Bobbye Brown.

Multi-Level Yoga Class

Mindful Strength Yoga - In this mixed levels class, we will awaken energy or prana by focusing on the feet, legs and hips as well as learning to awaken and engage core stability via three dimensional yogic and functional movements. It’s a playful practice that builds mindfulness, strength and resilience for both brain and body. We will generally start with self-massage to improve range of motion, release tension and improve body awareness; then we will move into a mini pose sequences designed to energize, strengthen and stabilize. You will be given options to modify for your level of practice. Class ends with relaxation and meditation so that you can integrate the qualities of balance, connection and strength into your day and life. Taught by Anh Chi Pham.

The 'Real Deal' Yoga - This easy flow outdoor class will start with a physical warm-up to de-stress from the week; then move on to energizing standing asanas, and back to mat postures the rest of class. We will then do closing breathing exercises and you will be guided into savasana—final relaxation, centering and visualization. Every level welcome.
Masks are required. Social Distancing will be honored. Bring your own yoga mat and any props you want.
Class will be directly in front of the entrance to DHA. Rainy days will be credited to your account to use again. Taught by Linny Curry.

Yin Yoga for All Levels - Yin Yoga targets and strengthens the joints and connective tissue and is suitable for all levels of students. We use gravity to deepen the stretch and hold poses for a longer period. This also allows time for the mind to relax more deeply. In addition, yin yoga helps to stimulate the flow of chi (energy) throughout the body. Taught by Cheryl Burnette and Julie McKinley.

Yoga Basics - This class is for “U” if you’re seeking to refine your asana practice. It encourages students to move at their own pace and to cultivate a mindful practice based on the needs of their own unique body structure. This class is a blend of focusing breath with movement using asana postures, seated and standing; sequences designed to align, lengthen, strengthen, and balance; and vinyasa flow. The class is appropriate for all levels of practice and all body types. Taught by Bobbye Brown.

Hatha Yoga


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