Welcome to DHA

DHA Welcome Sign Open House 2014

We are a resource center offering classes and therapies to help you:

--Reduce muscle tension, stress, anxiety
--Increase flexibility and range of motion
--Strengthen bones and muscles
--Increase circulation
--Help regulate blood pressure
--Balance the body's systems
--Strengthen the immune system
--Help prevent insomnia and depression
--Increase mental alertness
--Achieve greater awareness

At DHA, we help people find the alternative healing and health building practices they need for a whole, healthy and happy life. We are convenient to Atlanta and Decatur. Take charge of your well-being and visit us today!

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General Announcements (see our happenings page for all upcoming events and classes)

KAISER has lost some of it's funding. As a result, they have had to discontinue classes throughout the region, including all Kaiser classes at Decatur Healing Arts. So, there will be no more free classes available, but we will offer the same classes at a discounted rate. We hope that this is temporary and Kaiser will return in 2015.

WE ARE SEEKING NEW VOLUNTEERS! We need someone steady, with good computer skills who can make a long-term commitment to a weekday shift. Learn more on our volunteer page.

Please click here and let us know what Time and Day YOU want a Yoga Class!


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